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Arthritis doesn’t mean facing daily struggles at work. Discover empowering solutions with ease. Either search by keyword or choose from the sections below that relate to the challenges you want to overcome.

Learn how you can get the support you need to thrive in your workplace.

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Getting to Work & Travelling

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Workplace Access

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Manual Handling

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Computer Ergonomics

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Mental Health

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Relationships at Work

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Environmental Factors

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Policies, Benefits & Legislation

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Job/Career & Home Life

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Further Help

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This brief self assessment will help us to determine your risk for work instability, which can lead to work disability if not addressed.

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The WORKWELL programme is FREE and you can access self help resources online on this website without a need to register. Registration is needed and highly recommended for a tailored advice, as through self-assessments we can dentify your specific difficulties at work and offer targeted solutions. Registration to the WORKWELL programme is FREE.

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The latest news from WORKWELL

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Research into Work and Arthritis

Find out about the latest research studies exploring work and arthritis.

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Latest News

Here you can access the latest news, discussions, podcasts and events on work and arthritis taking place online and near you.

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Get Involved

Would you like to get involved with research into work and arthritis? We are keen to hear from you. Find out ways in which you can get involved.

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